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Black Friday Snacks

Power-shopping the post-Thanksgiving sales? Keep one of these six snacks on hand to stave off hunger while you’re searching for the best deals.

We all get sick of the same old granola bar from time to time, but this one puts basic bars to shame. Almonds, peanuts and real fruit top the Greek-yogurt base of these protein-packed snacks that come in mixed berry or strawberry flavors and are perfect for keeping up that crucial between-store energy. Black-Friday-Snacks_02
Maybe you had your share of pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving—or maybe you’re like us and can never get enough. Either way, these new pumpkin pie flavored bars from LÄRABAR are packed with protein and as close to the real thing as you’ll find outside of a pie crust. Black-Friday-Snacks_03
We all know power-shopping can get competitive. Trekking across malls, hiking up and down aisles—hey, even a little racing to that favorite product to beat the intensely-focused shopper across the store. Stay level-headed and ahead of the competition with this tasty trail mix that you can prepare ahead of time. Black-Friday-Snacks_04
Almonds are naturally protein-rich which means they’ll keep you satisfied and energized longer. A quick DIY honey glaze is all it takes to give them a sweet new twist. Black-Friday-Snacks_05
We can’t keep our paws off these Muddy Buddies and the fact that they’re snickerdoodle-flavored is all the more reason to pack a bag in your purse before you leave the house! Black-Friday-Snacks_06
Dulce de Leche Cheerios, pumpkin seeds, nuts and a little brown sugar go a long way to make these cravable snack bars. The best part? No baking required.

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