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Sandwich on a Stick: A Fun, Can't-Miss Lunch!

Jump start your summer lunches by giving a twist to ordinary sandwiches.

Bellalimento Contributed by: Paula Jones

Food on sticks is fun. Period. And a sandwich on a stick is no exception. Sandwiches are good, but, let’s face it, they can get boring. This is a fun summertime lunch idea. It is so simple that even kids can make it themselves. Take sandwich fixings, and put it on a stick. How easy is that?


Put out all of the ingredients, and let everyone assemble their own. You might even get kids to try a few items (like cherry tomatoes) that they normally wouldn’t. Use long skewers to make a double-decker sandwich on a stick. Besides being a great lunch idea, this would be fantastic at a kid’s party. Can you just see the skewers in a glass on the table waiting to be picked up and eaten? Now that’s an edible bouquet I wouldn’t mind eating!

Here’s another delicious idea: add fruit to the sticks as a healthy side dish.

Blogger Paula Jones from Bell'alimento shows us a fun new way to make a sandwich.

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