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Kids' Chocolate Snack Mix

Your kids will love this chocolatly snack mix, and you'll love knowing it's full of nutrition!

Past Contributor
Trail mix makes a great snack for kids. But if your kids are anything like mine, they need a few special add-ins to get them to dig into it. My kiddos aren't big peanut and raisin lovers, so there's got to be something more that entices them to reach for a handful of healthful trail mix. 

Cookie Crisp® cereal—with it's fun-sized snackability—and Fiber One® brownie bars—with their chocolaty goodness—come together with classic trail mix ingredients to make a totally delicious, kid-friendly snack mix. Ready to get some going in your kitchen? Here's how I get my kids to make and eat their own. 

Start with a box of Cookie Crisp® cereal. What kid won't instantly love tiny cookies in their snack mix?

You'll want a box of Fiber One brownies, too.
Cut the brownies into 9 small pieces.
Toss the Cookie Crisp cereal and Fiber One brownie pieces together with some candy-coated chocolate bits, golden raisins and salted peanuts for a fabulous new twist on trail mix!

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