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A Four-Course Foil Pack Feast

Easy to clean-up foil packets make summer dining a breeze.

Summertime cooking is all about ease of execution and clean-up. Anything that can be prepped ahead of time with little clean-up required makes me swoon (it really doesn’t take much!). I love foil packets for their easy-breezy nature and the fact that they are so customizable. Not only are these foil packets, easy, make-ahead, almost no clean-up and adaptable to the gas or charcoal grill, they are portable and totally appropriate for campfire cooking as well! Now that’s what I call a recipe win.

Since summer brings so much bounty from the garden and market, I’ve included lots of fresh vegetables in each of these four packets, making each one a well-rounded dish in and of itself. There’s even a fresh berry dessert to end your al fresco feast on a sweet note.

We begin by par-boiling some potatoes—the smallest, creamiest you can find, the better.
Next we gather our prepped ingredients. (Prepping ahead makes the process a breeze!)
Next, we assemble! First up, shrimp!
And, never forget dessert!
To fold the packets, pull together the two longest edges, make a half inch fold, and repeat two or three times.
Finally, fold up the open edges and crimp. Grill and eat!

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