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Grilled Corn

There is a flavor to summer, and it’s wrapped entirely in this simple recipe for grilled corn. With the air outside warming quickly, there’s no need to spend hours in a hot kitchen. Seasoned with a touch of dill-infused Parmesan Butter, corn cobs cooked over an outdoor flame take just minutes and are guaranteed to please family and friends.

Past Contributor
Grilled Corn
There are a few simple steps to grilling a perfect ear of fresh corn. For starters, I’ve found that boiling the corn for just a few minutes before grilling ensures even cooking and gives the corn a terrific texture. To toss together this recipe, start with some softened butter, a bit of Parmesan and a bunch of fresh dill. Grilled Corn Recipe
Chop the dill and toss it with the Parmesan into the butter. Use a fork to mix it all together. Add a bit of pepper, and your Parmesan Butter is ready to go. Grilled Corn Recipe
Pop your corn into a boiling water bath for a few minutes. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the corn. How easy is this recipe? Grilled Corn Recipe
Pop the ears of corn onto a medium-hot grill. Allow it to cook until several of the kernels have been blackened by the heat, turning frequently to ensure even cooking. Serve your piping hot corn slathered in Parmesan Butter. Grilled Corn Recipe
Allow the butter to melt just a bit before taking a big ol’ bite. Happy Summer! Grilled Corn Recipe

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