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French Toast Roll-Ups

Need a simple and fun recipe for a quick breakfast? Choose your flavor combo and serve up these easy roll-ups

French Toast Roll-Ups
Ah, breakfast. I have a love-hate relationship with breakfast. While I absolutely love breakfast food, I just don’t like eating early in the morning. So any time I can eat my favorite breakfast foods at different times of the day I am a happy gal. That’s why I love these French Toast Roll-Ups. They’re delicious at breakfast time, but also make a great after-school or weekend snack. And with the ability to make them any flavor you are craving, they definitely stand out as a winner in my book. Here’s how to make them!

First, grab some white sandwich bread, cut the crusts off and flatten each piece with a rolling pin.
cut crusts off bread
flattening white bread with rolling pin
Next, it’s time for the ingredients. I tried a bunch for this batch like cream cheese and cherry, peanut butter and banana and apples with cinnamon. Whatever ingredients float your boat…just spread them on the bottom and roll it right up. rolling up bread with filling
rolling up filling in bread
Next, dip each roll in a mixture of egg and milk. Add to pan with some melted butter and brown evenly on all sides. dipping roll up in egg mixture
frying rolls in skillet
Immediately after removing from the pan, roll in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. dipping cooked roll up in cinnamon sugar mixture
That’s all there is to it! Easy, delicious and flavor-filled. Serve them up at your next breakfast table or for your a fun snack. French Toast Roll-Ups

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