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Layered Citrus Mini Cakes

Move over cupcake, there’s a new mini dessert that’s set to steal the show.

Molly Yeh
layered citrus mini cakes
If I were a cupcake in 2014, I’d be nervous. Mini cakes, it seems, are everywhere and they’re stealing cupcakes’ thunder. layered citrus mini cakes
And with good reason: mini cakes make it possible to have multiple layers (i.e. flavors), you can decorate them like miniature versions of your favorite layer cakes and they’re super fun to make. (Not just because you can eat all of the scraps while you’re decorating!) layered citrus mini cakes
I really can’t imagine a better way to spend an afternoon than by making cute little cakes, and with spring here, we’re bound to have a couple of rained-in weekends. So embrace the season in all of its citrus glory, and spend an afternoon stacking some mini cakes!

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