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Healthier Banana Nut Muffins

It is time to revamp the traditional banana nut muffin and make it a healthier treat with a substitution that may surprise you.

Avocados are one of nature’s leading sources of healthy fat. That means it’s also a natural source for healthier cooking and baking. Try serving toast with slices of ripe avocado. Or puree avocado and add it to your muffins and brownies to replace the butter and fats you’d normally bake into them. 

Here’s one recipe that uses avocados to turn muffins into magic! 

Grab a box of Betty Crocker® Banana Nut Muffin Mix.

Whip a ripe avocado into a puree, and then add it the muffin batter.
Beat the batter until well combined.
Scoop the batter into muffin tins and bake according to package directions.
Drizzle the tops of your warm muffins with a tasty icing. Allow the icing to set. Then serve and enjoy your healthy treat!

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