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Lunch Box Bites

Who needs plain old PB&J when school lunch can be filled with these super fun, super simple skewers!

If your kitchen is a mad rush every morning before school–with a bunch of kids reaching for backpacks and then running out the door–it’s time to change up the routine! Preparing school lunches the night before can help you avoid the early-morning crazies. Better yet, your kids can be involved in the process, which will instill confidence, cooking skills and lots of pride in their little selves.

Lunchbox Skewers 

It’s easy to put off school lunch-making until the very last minute. After all, if you’re making the same old same old, it’s hard to get excited about the process. Isn’t it time you add a bit of fun to that regular routine? Invite your kids to create their own School Lunch Skewers!

Using small, cocktail-sized bamboo skewers makes school lunch preparations totally cool! They are fun to make and fun to eat. Little bite-sized versions of all your favorite snacks. The best part is that making lunch on a skewer lends a bit of creativity to the process, something kids will quickly respond to. Invite your own children to join you in the kitchen to create a batch of their own, personalized favorites.

There are dozens of different ways to dress us your skewers. Here are ideas to get you started:

Club Sandwich Skewers. Layers of turkey, ham and cheese are popped onto a skewer, then topped with a mini pickle. Lunchtime doesn't get any better than this!

PB & Awesome Skewers. Make a triple layered peanut butter, chocolate and banana sandwich by layering tiny triangles of toasted bread with peanut butter, chocolate-hazelnut spread and banana slices.

Veggie Bites. Make rainbow-colored skewers by threading thin slices of red, yellow and green bell peppers onto a mini skewer. Pack with a bit of ranch dressing for dipping.

Fruit Fun. Red, green and black grapes make fun, festive-looking skewers that are easy to eat and so cute to look at!

When packing skewered lunches for your kids, make sure you talk about safety. Food should be slid off of the skewer before eating...never stick a sharp skewer into your mouth. And skewers should never be waved around or used to poke another person at school. Talking about these tips for safety will keep your school lunch as fun to eat as it is to make!

Go Back-to-School in style with these easy, adorable Club Sandwich Skewers.

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