National Cereal Day - March 7

Cereal Day
Celebrate! Fill a bowl with your favorite whole grain cereal, grab a box and start good-for-you munching or try our five tasty ideas. And remember to check the FREE cereal offer.

Trix® Very Berry Parfaits (shown on left)

  1. Jump-start your active day with breakfast, including a whole grain cereal! It’s easy, quick and even portable.

  2. Try a cereal parfait for breakfast by layering yogurt with your favorite cereal and fruit.

    Trix® Very Berry Parfaits
    Crunchy Yogurt Parfaits
    Crunchy Banana-Strawberry Parfaits
    Mixed-Berry Butter Crunch Parfaits

  3. Make an easy snack mix that’s great for on-the-go eating:

    Banana-Cinnamon Snack Mix
    All-American Snack Mix
    Fiber One® Graham Snack Mix
    Whole-Grain Snack Mix

  4. Try whole grain cereals in snack bars:

    Apple-Honey Breakfast Bars
    Banana Nut Snack Bars
    Banana Nut Cheerios® Energy Bars
    Fruit and Nut Cereal Bars

  5. Stock up on good-for-you whole grain cereals. Check out the ingredient list for whole grains on the side of all the cereal boxes.

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Try it Out in a Recipe

Peanutty Good Luck Snack
Peanutty Good Luck Snack
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Chocolate Chex® Caramel Corn Bars
Chocolate Chex® Caramel Corn Bars
Treat the kids to a crunchy new snack combining Chocolate Chex® cereal, pretzels and popcorn neatly ...
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