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B Smith’s Top Five Tips for Gathering Family

B. Smith

B. Smith, restauranteur, author, and respected expert in affordable-yet-elegant living, shares her top tips for a fun, festive family get-together.


B encourages family members to create a list of 2 to 3 reasons why they love holidays including pictures and drawings.

Get more ideas from B. Smith:

  1. Involve the kids with before meal activities: making place cards, drawing pictures with ingredients that are in the recipes, or looking up fun facts about a key ingredient (apple, pumpkin) to share with the family.

  2. Designate breakfast a “no technology” zone: turn off the TV; switch off cell phones and computers; and enjoy each other’s company for the meal!

  3. Get everyone to help out preparing the meal: have kids measure out dry ingredients, and adults do other prep work (chopping, using the oven) to bring everyone together.

  4. Plan ahead so you have all supplies on hand and are ready to prepare the meal; cut down on stress and focus on the fun of making and enjoying the meal and time spent together!

  5. Make Breakfast time a chance to catch up; incorporate time to ask each family member about an accomplishment that was achieved that week or a goal they have for the next week.

New B. Smith Recipe for the Holidays

Pork and Apple Loaf  B. Smith wraps up all the flavors of
the season - sausage, apples and
cranberries, in a tender, tasty golden
brown crusted delight!

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