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Kid-Friendly Dinners—Waffle Tacos

Want a fun way to celebrate your kids' accomplishments? Turn dinnertime into a fun fiesta with these colorful, kid-friendly Waffle Tacos.

There are all sorts of wonderful things your kids have been doing...growing like weeds, keeping their rooms (kinda) clean, learning all sorts of new skills at home and at school. And, mostly, they've just been downright cute. After all, they are your kids and are the best around!

No matter what fantastic accomplishments your kids have been achieving, there is one way to celebrate that will show them your appreciation, amazement and support. And it's something you already do everyday—eat dinner!

Waffle Tacos 

Turning family dinnertime into a celebration is as easy as 1-2-3. It's a great way to bring your children together for some serious parent-kid bonding time, and it offers opportunities for you to talk about important family values in a fun way. If your kids make their beds for a week straight, it's nice to say, "Good job" or "Wow, let's go to the park." But it's even more fun to build a big family party around big kid accomplishments.

Drawing your family around the table for an extra-special meal gives you face-to-face time that you might otherwise only get at a restaurant. But it costs less than eating out and is more healthy than some preservative-laden food you'll find at restaurants.

Sure, planning an in-home dinner party requires a bit more work, but it also offers your kids a chance to get involved in the process. When they take time to work alongside you, they may grumble a bit, but they gain a personal connection and a sense of pride in the outcome of the activity.

Here are five tips to turn an ordinary family dinner into a special treat that shows your kids just how proud of them you are:

  1. Set the Table. Invite your children to chose special colored paper plates, cups and streamers. Teach them how to set the table in an eye-catching way, with the spoons, forks and knives in their etiquette-approved locations.

  2. Name Your Spot. Invite your kids to create personalized name tags for each member of the family.

  3. Ring the Bell. Use a dinner bell to summon children to your celebration. Tell them they'll know the party has begun when they hear the tinkling of a bell.

  4. Toast Masters. Serve sparkling soda in pretty wine glasses. Prepare a toast to tout your kids' cool accomplishments. Everyone loves hearing aloud how well they've done...especially kids!

  5. Dance, Dance, Dance! It may be dinner, but put on some funky tunes and encourage your kids to shake their tail feathers. Turning on music at a meal will help the kids settle in and linger longer. No need to hurry along this celebration!
Kids grow up much too fast. So do whatever it takes to keep them around the dinner table as long as possible and tell them why you are proud of them. My recipe for Waffle Tacos is the perfect way to celebrate with your kids!

Your kids have been extra fantastic this week, why not whip up a dinner that is exciting as all of their accomplishments? These Waffle Tacos are a fun way to turn mealtime into a celebration!

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