How to Mail Cookies

Nothing says “happy holidays” like a batch of freshly baked cookies. Follow these three simple steps for a successful delivery every time.

Cookies that have a slightly chewy texture, like snickerdoodles and chocolate chip also ship well. However, cookies having ingredients like baking bits or caramel should not be sent to warm climates as they may melt.

2. Pack in an airtight container
Pack crisp cookies separately from softer cookies. Place a cushion of crumpled waxed paper or plastic wrap on the bottom of the container and line with enough waxed paper or plastic wrap to fold over when the box is full. Wrap cookies in pairs, bottom to bottom, with waxed paper between them. Cookies should fit snugly together but not too tightly. 

3. Mail the cookie container in a larger cardboard box
Wrap the sealed container with bubble wrap or newspaper and place in a sturdy cardboard box, allowing two to three inches between the container and the sides of box. Fill space with bubble wrap or crumbled newspaper. Secure the box with packing tape. Make sure name and address are plainly visible and label “Fragile, Handle With Care” on the box. Choose the quickest shipping method you can afford.

Tips for Mailing Cookies
1. Pick the right kind of cookie

Cookies that have a crunchy or hard texture such as biscotti, spritz and Mexican wedding cakes are excellent choices for mail delivery. They tend to be sturdy, so breakage is less of an issue.


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