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Princess Tea Party

Celebrate your little princess by inviting all of her friends over for a queen’s tea at your “palace.” Encourage guests to come dressed up in their frilliest frocks (crowns, wands, ballgowns—anything goes at a princess tea party!). Then roll out the red carpet and set your fanciest china for this elegant and action-packed event.

Princess Tea Party

The key to this party is preparation. Plan a loose schedule of activities so you’ll have a sense of how the party will flow.


Tip #1: Set up an activity table so kids have something to do as they arrive.


Enchanted Wands

Prepare a table with foam wands from the craft store and all the fixings your royal maidens will need to decorate them: adhesive jewels, sparkly stickers, glitter glue, googly eyes, and washable markers.


Tip #2: Make sure all supplies are out and ready to go for each game or craft.


Royal Jewels

Your little princesses will have a royally good time making necklaces out of candy. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Red or black string licorice
  • Cereal with holes, such as Fruity Cheerios (for extra impact divide by color into separate bowls)
  • Candy: Lifesavers, gummy rings, sour candy belts, yogurt-covered mini pretzels, fruit leather


Before the party, cut all sour candy belts and fruit leather into small squares and poke a hole through each square with a toothpick. Cut several lengths of red and black string licorice. Help each child begin by tying a Lifesaver onto one end of the licorice so the candy doesn’t fall off as it’s strung.


Tip #3: Keep ‘em moving. Depending on the age of the children, activities should only last from 10-30 minutes. Younger kids won’t be able to sustain focus or sit still for very long.

Pin the Crown on the Princess

This party game is a classic for a reason: kids love it. Buy a poster of a princess or make your own by blowing up a photo of the birthday girl dressed in her royal finest. Cut crown shapes out of shiny, gold craft paper and stick a piece of double-sided tape to the back of each one. The children take turns putting on a blindfold and trying to stick the crown atop the princess’s head. Whoever gets their crown closest is the winner.


Queen’s Tea

Your royal subjects will be thrilled to sit down to a beautifully decorated table laden with goodies. Don’t hold back here: the more over-the-top, the better.


  • Line the table with a lace tablecloth and tie a tulle table skirt around its legs.
  • Set tea sandwiches out on silver trays.
  • Serve sweet treats on tiered platters and cake stands covered with doilies
  • Buy a small porcelain child’s tea set and serve each guest pink lemonade or sweetened chamomile tea from a china teapot.
  • Scatter glittery party favors—tiaras, beaded necklaces, bright-colored rings, sparkly sunglasses—around each table setting.
  • Drape strands of pearls over chandeliers or mirrors.
  • Stick to a color scheme for the décor and the treats (hint: pink is always a hit!).
  • Arrange small bunches of roses in mason jars or antique tea cups.
  • For more inspiration, check out this treasure trove of princess tea party ideas.

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