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Indoor Adventures. All Out Fun.

  Turn family fun night into an adventure! We’ve got seven ways to make the indoors as great as the outdoors – no bug spray necessary.  

Pitch a Tent

Pitch a TentSet up camp right in the living room – it sounds a little crazy, but go with it. Kids love secret hideouts. Use a tent for the feel of an authentic campout, or get creative and work together to build a blanket fort.



Flip the switch

Make sure everyone is equipped with a flashlight, next turn off the lights, shut down computers, and power off all other electronic devices. Tonight you're 'roughing it' in the name of family fun. Flashlight tag, anyone?

Have S'more Fun

Have S'more FunCamping without s'mores isn't really camping, is it? There are a few different ways to achieve a perfectly toasted mallow without ever stepping foot outdoors.  

  • Got a fireplace? Got some sticks? You're set!
  • Trek to the kitchen and toast mallows over the stove using chopsticks.
  • Plan ahead and use a mini hibachi grill or gourmet s'mores kit.
  • Skip the toasting and make a pan of these: Golden Grahams® S'mores

Go Fishin'

Go Fishin'While you won't be able to eat what you catch, this fishing game reels in family fun no matter which way you play it (indoor fishing provides a lot of options).




  What you need:

  • Long stick or ruler
  • String (2-3 feet_
  • Paper Clips
  • Construction Paper (variety of colors)
  • Scissors
  • Magnet
  • Tape or Glue
  • Pen/Marker/Crayon 

  Put it Together:

  1. Cut fish shapes out of construction paper and slide a paperclip on the head end of the fish.
  2. Tie one end of the string to the stick/ruler and glue/tape the magnet to the other.
  3. Scatter fish on the floor.

   Ways to play:

  • Ask young children to catch a specific color of fish.
  • For older kids, write numbers on the fish and present equations ie: Catch the answer for 5-2+3.
  • Make the fishing more difficult by standing on a step stool.
  • Turn it into a race. Divide into teams. Each team needs a stick and a blindfold. The two blindfolded people should stand facing one another with the 'pond' of fish between them. The object is to catch as many as possible in 3 minutes by taking direction from teammates.

Roll Out

Totino's Pizza RollsSerious family indoor campouts require snacks. Totinos® pizza rolls to the rescue! Here's how to make them adventure style:

  • Microwave until warmed through, but not hot. 
  • Carefully insert a fondue stick, chop stick or stick of your liking, into one of the shorter ends of a pizza roll.
  • Toast in the same fashion as the s'mores.


Don't forget the dipping sauces:

Hawaiian Pizza Dipping Sauce
Hawaiian Pizza Dipping Sauce

Salsa-Bean Dip
Salsa-Bean Dip
Slow Cooker Pizza Dunkers
Slow Cooker Pizza Dunkers

Gaze at the Stars:

What is more magical than lying on your back and peering up at the beautiful stars above with your family gathered close? Create that same kind of wonder and excitement for camp headquarters with a star mobile.

What you need:

  • Wire cooling rack
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars
  • String, yarn or ribbon
  • Hot Glue

Put it together:

  1. Tie ribbons (cut to lengths more than 1.5 feet) around the perimeter of the cooling rack.  When lifted, it should form a hallow square or rectangle (depending on the lengths of the ribbons).
  2. Hot glue the stars to the ribbons at random.
  3. Cut four pieces of ribbon to the same length, tying each in a corner.  Bring them together and knot to form a point from which to hang the mobile.

Campfire-less Sing-a-long:

Campfire-less Sing-a-longJust because you can't have an indoor campfire, doesn't mean you can't have sing-a-long! For this one, you may have to break the no electricity rule.

Turn campfire singing into a game of 'who can finish the line'. It's easy and addicting!

Here's how to play: Everyone sits in a circle. The first player picks a song and everyone sings along until the song is stopped by it's picker. Then the person seated to the right must recite the rest of the line. If they do, they get a point. Next it's that player's turn to play a song. Keep going around the circle like this until someone gets to five points.


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