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Dad's Day Shirt & Tie Cake

Celebrate Father’s Day in style with a shirt and tie cake!

Past Contributor

If you’re looking for a fun cake for a man look no further. This polka dot tie cake is not only fun but it’s extremely realistic looking. If you placed the finished cake in a shirt box I think the recipient might have to look twice!

Using a premade rolled fondant makes this cake doable for even the most novice of cake decorators. With a little time and no special tools you can make this cake in about 3 hours.

So grab your cake mix and let’s get started!

Step 1 - Bake cake mix according to package directions. Let cool.

Step 2 - Invert cake onto a rectangular cake board.
Step 3 - Place a thin level of icing onto the cake. Place cake in freezer to let icing firm up.
Step 4 - Knead the fondant until it’s pliable.
Step 5 - Roll fondant to 1/4” thickness. Don’t roll too thin or it will crack when assembling.
Step 6 - Invert cake pan over rolled fondant to check that you have enough to drape.
Step 7 - Roll fondant over rolling pin.
Step 8 - Remove cake from freezer. Drape fondant over cake. Using your hands to smooth and shape it to cake.
Step 9 - Use a paring knife to trim excess fondant (set aside to make collar, pocket, tie and polka dots).
Step 10 - Grab a man’s button down shirt to use as a template. Roll 1 piece of extra fondant to 1/4-inch thickness. Use paring knife to cut fondant into shape of a pocket.
Step 11 - Use toothpick to create stitching detail.
Step 12 - Brush water on back of pocket; place on cake. Roll another piece of extra fondant to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut out collar. Place collar at top of cake.
Step 13 - Knead remaining fondant with gloved hands until it softens. Use toothpick to add blue icing color until desired color is achieved.
Step 14 - Roll blue fondant to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut out tie. Cut small piece of fondant for tie knot.
Step 15 - Drape tie onto cake; add knot at collar.
Step 16 - Roll reserved piece of white fondant to 1/4-inch thickness. Use end of large plain pastry tip to cut out polka dots. Dab water on back of polka dots; place on tie.
And you’re  all done! Amazing what you can do with just a few ordinary items in your kitchen and a little time. I think this would make an amazing Father’s day cake, a cake for a special work promotion, or of course for a birthday. You could go crazy with variations on the tie. Change up the color, add stripes instead of polka dots, or even paisley.

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