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9 lunchtime strategies to get the whole family back on track in a snap.

1. Make Ahead

Customizable, freezable and perfect for lunches on the go, Impossibly Easy Pies are the busy family's answer to PB&J burnout. Make them on the weekend and freeze for up to 6 weeks.

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2. Keep it Cool

We don't just mean the way this bag looks, either! Load it up with everything from juice boxes to Yoplait® Yogurt cups and they'll stay cool for up to 4 hours. Just in time for lunch!

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3. Get Creative
For kiddos, regular veggies can be boring. But a fish-shaped piece of bread topped with cream cheese, broccoli, carrots and peas is an adventure in taste and fun. More ideas: skewer bite-size pieces of fruit and veggies on toothpicks for mini kabobs, create small compartments with study cupcake liners or use cookie cutters to create fun shapes from sandwich meats and cheese.

4. Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes the best laid lunch plans go awry (we’re looking at you, last minute meeting changes). That’s why we always keep a few cans of soup rolling around in our desk drawers. They’re quick, easy and above all, delicious!

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5. Prep on Weekends

A little extra effort on the weekend means you get to slack and snack all week! Here’s the plan. Saturday: wash, cut and divide fresh vegetables into plastic baggies. Sunday: mix up a batch of hummus and scoop into several small containers. Monday­–Friday: Grab for simple snacks, lunch box treats or appetizers.

Hummus Dips

6. Have the Right Tool For the Job

Let's be honest, brown bags are only so helpful. These true seal containers are perfect for storing leftovers and transporting them to work or school mess-free. Plus, they're freezer AND microwave safe. That's what we call a win-win!

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7. Freeze & Go

Just throw your kids' favorite Go-Gurt® flavors in the freezer the night before school. In the morning, put one in the lunchbox and it'll do the rest! Go-Gurt® is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunchtime. How’s that for easy?

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8. Give Leftovers a Makeover

Turn last night’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch with a few creative twists. Leftover pasta goes great when added to a can of Tomato Basil Soup. Leftover veggies can be mixed up with rice or quinoa. And what can’t you do with leftover chicken? Add it to quesadillas, sandwiches, salads or stir frys.

Make Tomato Tortellini Soup

9. Shake it Up

Skip the salad bar in the cafeteria. And forget about paying by the pound. You can mix up an entire week's worth of salads to have on hand with this super clever idea. Dressing on the bottom, veggies in the middle and salad on top. Then just shake, shake, shake!

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