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Once the party's in full swing, it's time for games, activities and photo ops galore. PrincessPartyGames_photo2
When it comes to getting a princess party started, rely on a basket filled with baubles. A quick trip to the thrift store netted us costume jewelry and a bunch of little purses for next-to-nothing! PrincessPartyGames_photo3
Don't forget to snap photos of the princess-of-honor and her royal guests in their regalia throughout the party. PrincessPartyGames_photo4
Tiaras and wands from the dollar store are perfect for dress-up. Make sure you have a few extras on hand in case one (or two) breaks! PrincessPartyGames_photo5
Together, an ornate frame and gauzey curtains make a gorgeous setting for photo ops. PrincessPartyGames_photo6
These drapey canopy curtains, purchased for just $19 at IKEA, are perfect for twirling around in and playing peek-a-boo. PrincessPartyGames_photo7
"Pin the Gem on the Crown," a riff on "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is a lively activity that requires very few materials. Just trace the crown shape onto brown craft paper, cut it out and tape at the eye-level of your guests. Cut random gem shapes out of metallic or glittery paper, and allow the princesses to take turns "pinning." PrincessPartyGames_photo8
Let your princesses party at their own pace. While it's great to have planned activities and games at-the-ready, letting them play freely can be just as fun.

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