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Birthday Fiesta

Feliz Cumpleaños—that’s Happy Birthday in Spanish! Here's a fantástico dinner for a birthday celebration! Filled with the colors, flavors and the festive spirit of the Southwest, it's bound to be a great time for the birthday person and for all who come!

Birthday Fiesta

Decorate with Fiesta Spirit

  • Place a small cactus or succulent plant at each place setting as a party favor.
  • Make Ruffled Paper Baskets to hold Mexican Chex® Mix or extra tortilla chips. Or serve the snack mix in brightly colored baskets.
  • Put together a quick centerpiece by arranging bell and chile peppers, avocados, limes and tomatoes on the rim of a sombrero. Or add colorful crepe-paper flowers. Surround the sombrero with brightly colored candles.

Serve Snazzy Sips

  • Sparkling water as well as margaritas can be served with salted rims. Before filling the glasses, just rub the rims with the cut side of a lime or lemon and then dip the rims into a shallow dish of coarse salt. Choose a colored variety, if you'd like! You'll find colored coarse salt at gourmet or specialty grocery stores.
  • Decorate drinks with fun stir sticks or by adding fruit, such as a slice of lime and a strawberry.
  • Attach colorful ribbons with beads and trinkets to stems of party glasses to help guests keep track of their beverages.

Get in the Mood

  • Complete the fiesta theme by having the guests come dressed in Mexican- or Southwestern-style clothes. If they don't have anything appropriate, have them dress as a tourist!
  • Play Latino music in the background during the party. You can borrow CDs from your local library.