Potluck Thanksgiving

You cook the turkey and the guests bring the trimmings. Easy, affordable and delicious!

You'll feast for less at this dinner. Share the flavors you love with easy Thanksgiving recipes that can be enjoyed by you and your guests with little fuss and lots of fun. Potluck Thanksgiving

Make It Special

  • Let the great outdoors—gourds, grapevines, pine cones, nuts, colorful leaves and branches—take a gander down the center of the table. Add votive candles or use chunky pillar candles in seasonal colors. Use again by switching out colors for your next round of holiday decorating!

Plan and Work Ahead

  • Invite guests online and offer links to the recipes each guest will prepare.
  • Or, gather friends for coffee or lunch. Divide equally all the recipes, drinks and other needed food items.
  • Share the expense, with even non-cooks pitching in to help buy the drinks, turkey or other foods.
  • Share cookware or serving pieces if you are just getting started in the kitchen.
  • Remind guests bringing food or drinks to have preparation completed as much possible before they arrive. Or, ask if guests can bring refrigerated items in a cooler.
  • Plan ahead if refrigerator, oven or counter space will be needed. Ask an apartment neighbor leaving town for oven or refrigerator space if you need it. You don't want guests taking over the kitchen when you've little space yourself!

Save-the-Day Tables and Seating

  • Mix-and-match neutral dinnerware and linens. Add color with ribbon used to tie the napkins; tuck in sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme.
  • Borrow card tables and chairs or stacking side tables if your dining table is small or you'll use it for serving buffet style.
  • Stock up on containers or plastic storage bags for the leftovers, particularly if those will be shared.

Serve Buffet Style

  • With a buffet, all the food is set out in a central place and guests take a plate and help themselves.
  • Set up a drinks table outside the kitchen. Keep it simple.
  • Have a dessert buffet, too. Cut desserts in smaller portions. Arrange on dessert plates. Brew some great coffee.

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