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3 Super Fun At-Home Games for Your Big Game Party

Football Party Games

Hosting a party for the biggest football game of the season is a lot of fun. But you can crank up the action by getting your friends and family to play these party games during the Big Game.

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Sarah Caron

Original Chex Mix

The Football Pool - The quintessential game!

To Play:

  1. Create a grid on a large sheet of paper or poster board. You need it to be 10 squares x 10 squares.

  2. Have each party guest write their name in as many random grid squares as you can equally divide up. For example, if you have 10 guests, each gets to put their name or initials in 10 squares.

  3. Randomly draw numbers 0-9 and write them in the order picked along the rows going down the left side. Randomly draw numbers 0-9 and write them along the squares on top.

  4. Write one team name along the top and the other along the side.

  5. At half-time, match the last digits of the score for each team to the grid. For example, if the score is 7-0, look for the 7 square on the winning team’s side and the 0 square on the losing team’s side. Find the square where the two numbers intersect to determine the winner and give them a small prize.

  6. Repeat the process at the end of the game.

A little more fun: If kids are attending your party, have them take turns randomly picking numbers from 0 to 9, until the rows along the top have a number. Repeat for the left side. Keep track as numbers are called out so you don’t have repeats.

Have little ones "purchase" their squares with fruit snacks. The winner of each half gets half the snacks. Kids love it!

Rate the Commercials

Everyone knows the commercials almost overshadow the Big Game. Since everyone will be chatting them up anyway, make a game of it!

To Play:

  1. Hand out paper and pencils to guests and ask them to make two columns on their papers labeled “good” and “bad.”

  2. As they watch the commercials, have them add each one they see to their appropriate column. Once the game is over, collect the papers and tally up the likes and dislikes. Announce the top 5 good and bad commercials either that evening or via e-mail the next day.

A little more fun: Spark some lively debates by having each guest announce their favorite and least favorite commercials of the night and explain why they feel that way.

Banner Fun!

Keep the kids at the party occupied during the game with a fun craft that will make them feel like part of the action.

To Do: Set up a craft table with markers, stickers, craft glue gun or tape, cardstock cut into pennant-style triangles and long strips of cardboard (for attaching to the pennant). Have each child decorate a banner in the spirit of the team they are rooting for. Use glue or tape to affix each completed banner to a strip of cardboard. Have the kids wave the banners to cheer on their team during the game.

A little more fun: Lay out the completed banners on a table and assign a letter to each one. Give guests a slip of paper to vote for the most creative. Then award small prizes to the top banners.

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