Christmas Ball Bowl

Great decoration idea! This creative ball bowl is perfect for Christmas celebrations.

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  • Prep Time 30 min
  • Total Time 30 min
  • Servings 1

Large serving bowl
Christmas ball ornaments with removable tops
Small funnel
Florist glue
Fresh flowers
Fresh evergreen sprigs, if desired


  • 1 Fill bowl about 1/3 full with sugar. Arrange 1 layer of ornaments in bowl, pressing lightly into sugar to position.
  • 2 Remove tops from additional ornaments; fill ornaments about 1/2 full with water, using funnel (water may cause outside surface of ornament to crack). Apply small amount of florist glue to bottoms and sides of water-filled ornaments. Arrange on first layer of ornaments, attaching with glue. For ornaments at side of bowl, attach to bowl with small amount of glue. Place flowers and evergreen sprigs in water-filled ornaments.


Expert Tips

Christmas ball ornaments also make charming place settings. Write the name of each guest on an ornament with a metallic marking pen. Set one ornament at each place setting and steady it on a vinyl hose washer--that's right, the kind you find at your local hardware store. The washers work great for making the ornaments stay put, and you can spray paint them to match. Remove the tops from the ornaments, and fill about half full with water. Place flowers in ornaments and tie with a decorative ribbon.

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