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Sunny Summer Celebration

Sunny Summer Celebration

Gather sun-loving friends to celebrate the summer solstice—the year’s longest day—or any summer day with simple backyard get-together! We've rounded up our sunniest recipes for your enjoyment (yes, there is a theme here). About June 21 each year, the sun peeks above the horizon just after 5 a.m., and doesn't set until nearly 9 p.m. What a day for fun and great food from sunrise to sunset!

Tips from the Experts


"Eating outdoors?  Keep foods containing mayonnaise in a cooler, keep beverages and food in separate coolers, and always keep meats chilled until ready to cook."

Ann, Food Content Marketing/Manager - Betty Crocker Kitchens

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"Sun-sational" Activities

  • Decorate Mr. Sun Cupcakes or make Sunny Honey Chex® Mix as part of your sunny day activities.
  • Provide the supplies and tools for kids and adults to make a sundial. Check out the local library or see the North American Sundial Society's Web site at www.sundials.org for information and lots of links.
  • Organize some old-fashioned games for all ages:
    • Water-balloon toss (using yellow balloons, of course).
    • "Pin a bee on the sunflower" (tailor your game after "pin the tail on the donkey")
    • Ready, set, go! Ask everyone to put pencil to paper and write as many words that contain "sun" that they can think of in one minute (sunscreen, sunshine, sunny, suntan, sunburn, etc.). Award a prize of Sunny Honey Chex® Mix to the person who has the most words.
    • Plan a sunny sing-along for songs with "sun" or "sunshine" in them. "You Are My Sunshine," "Sunshine on My Shoulders" and “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof are examples. Sing into the sunset, and create a few new songs while you're at it.

    Sunny Decorations

    • Search on “sunflower” at the Betty Crocker® Store. You’ll find plenty to tempt you!
    • Fill metal flower containers or large jars with sunflowers. If sunflowers are not in season in your area, purchase silk or paper flowers. Arrange containers on tables, and place larger ones on the ground. You can never have too many to set the mood.
    • Plates, napkins, tablecloths and plastic utensils in shades of yellow are a must. Check party stores for the best picks. Flowerpots make fun-in-the-sun containers for tableware and napkins.

    Up to 3 Weeks Before

    • Bake Lemon-Corn Muffins; wrap and freeze.
    • Bake cupcakes (unfrosted) for Mr. Sun Cupcakes: wrap and freeze.
    • Bake Golden Pound Cake (if served); wrap and freeze.

    The Day Before

    Shop for additional menu items without recipes— cut-up veggies and crackers to serve with Sun-Dried Tomato Dip and assorted beverages of your choice.

    • Make Mr. Sun Cupcakes or Golden Pound Cake if not already made and frozen.
    • Remove muffins, cupcakes and cake from freezer.
    • Make Sun-Dried Tomato Dip; cover and refrigerate. Prepare the veggies; refrigerate in separate containers.

    The Morning Of

    • Bake Lemon-Corn Muffins; re-heat at dinnertime.
    • Arrange veggies served with Sun-Dried Tomato Dip on serving platter; cover and refrigerate.
    • Make salsa for Apricot Salsa Grilled Chicken Salad; refrigerate, then warm in microwave to spoon over chicken.
    • Make Fresh Vegetable-Pasta Salad.
    • Chill assorted beverages.

    Last-Minute Prep

    • Cook chicken and complete salad preparation for Apricot Salsa Grilled Chicken Salad.
    • Blend and serve Pineapple-Orange Colada as gusts arrive.