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Red Berry Hibiscus Lemonade

There are few things I love more than lazy-summer afternoons spent chatting and lounging with friends and family. And as the temperatures climb, the time is prime for cool beverages.

I love a pitcher drink for its ease of execution—you mix up a batch and serve as needed. There’s no need to mix individual glasses, which means more time for sun-soaked-lounging and super-important chatting.


When we’re talking summer beverages, iced tea and lemonade are always immediately on my mind. When it comes to stirring up something at home, I can’t resist injecting the flavors of the season, and red berries are always a welcome choice. Though mixing up tea and lemonade is hardly unheard of, this tart brew of fuchsia-tinted hibiscus tea, lots of fresh lemon, and boldly-sweet berry syrup makes for a vibrant adaptation.

Red berries, any you like, are combined with sugar and cooked just until the sugar dissolves and the berries release all of their ruby juices—the mixture is pureed, then sieved, making a fresh berry syrup that both sweetens and flavors the lemonade. Hibiscus tea is brewed and cooled, mixed with lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a little water, and as much of the berry-syrup as you like—fans of bracingly tart lemonades should start with half of the syrup and notch it up from there.  Serving this lemonade over ice is a must; striped straws are optional but totally recommended. Cheers!


Vibrant color and tantalizing taste will make this your favorite refresher of the summertime. Fresh fruit is a simple and colorful garnish for this cool drink.
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