Hearty French Flavor Brunch for Cycling Fans

July 01, 2011

Invite some friends for an invigorating early July morning bike ride and finish it off with a great brunch. This is no le petit déjeuner, the cups of coffee and baguette slices the French eat for breakfast! Our brunch is filled with French flavors and your fresh-from-the-oven baking.


More French-Inspired Food Ideas

More Cycling Ideas

  • Award the first guest to arrive at your party a yellow jersey just like each stage winner receives in France’s premiere cycling event, the Tour de France. Bastille Day occurs midway through this racing event so it’s fun to put them together. Hours of race watching, betting on stage winners and the final outcome are all part of the excitement for enthusiasts.

  • Look for local cycling events or plan this brunch around a cycling event like California's Tour of California, the largest stage race held in the US.

  • Look for ways to volunteer with friends or pedal your way to the finish at biking events for a cause.

  • Use brunch to plan a cycling vacation with friends. Look for tours that are leisurely or strenuous, whatever suits you. It's a fun way to see new places a little differently.


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