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April in Paris Dinner Party

Paris je t'aime! We all love thoughts of Paris in the spring. Why not host a leisurely romantic dinner with great food and conversation for just 4 of you? Our spring bistro menu isn't one bit fussy, but is high on spring's favorite flavors like artichokes, lamb and asparagus.


More Meal Must Haves

  • Offer French bread, the fresher the better, or make our Gold Medal® Classic French Bread.

  • Add a very French cheese course between salad and dessert. Our Cheese and Fruit Plate fits the bill.

  • End the meal by serving espresso or dark French roast coffee with a chocolate candy or cookie to go with it. Umm!

Bring Out the Fine China

  • Use a crisp white tablecloth and napkins, your loveliest china, silver and stemware for the most romantic ambiance. With only 4 for dinner, cleanup won’t be too arduous even if hand washing of dinnerware is needed!

  • Consult with your wine merchant for wine picks for this dinner. Whether you drink French wine, similar American or other global varietals, is up to you. Our favorite with lamb is always Pinot Noir from Oregon!

  • Look for topiary plants for the table and add your tallest candlesticks with white candles.
  • Set the evening’s menu on an easel so your guests can savor every course that’s coming. Print in French and English if you can!

  • Select French background music to reinforce your theme. Search French music at a library or music source. You'll have show tunes, opera, jazz and pop choices galore from which to choose.

Or Go Casually Elegant in Bistro Style

  • Eat at a bistro table for 4 on the porch or deck if weather permits. That is most like a Paris sidewalk café! Use simple table linens, even overlapping French dishtowels for placemats. Add coordinating cloth napkins.

  • White restaurant-style dishes with plastic- or wood-handled stainless cutlery are perfect for this casual style.

  • Bring that souvenir Eiffel Tower you display on your bookshelves to the table—or look for fun Eiffel Tower salt and pepper shakers—along with a votive candle and single bud vase holding a fresh bloom. Or use cherry and apple blossoms in a small decorative vase. They would be blooming in Paris in April.

  • Decant red table wines into a carafe and use glass tumbles or newer stemless wine glasses for this more casual bistro-dining style.

  • Add your favorite music or end the evening by watching a movie set in Paris! There are so many choices.


A chicken broth base makes this a little lighter than French onion soup. Buttery homemade croutons are the crowning touch.
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The addition of lemon peel gives this version of a classic dessert a little lighter flavor.
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