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Tuesday Taco Night

Kick off a weekly tradition of family fun and togetherness on Cinco de Mayo! That's Spanish for the 5th of May and this year May 5 is a Tuesday! You'll find loads of recipes and tips for weeks of good eating while you enjoy and celebrate Latino culture.


More Taco Night Choices for Dinner or Dessert!


  • Cinco de Mayo (seen-koh day my-oh) is not like our 4th of July.  Mexico's Independence Day celebration is September 16. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the overthrow of French occupation forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, becoming a reason to show pride in all things Mexican.

  • In this country, Cinco de Mayo has become a celebration for all Latinos and all Americans who enjoy this culture. People say, "On Cinco de Mayo, everybody's Latino" just like on St. Patrick's Day when everyone is Irish!

  • Practice Spanish!  If conversational, just have a Spanish-speaking dinnertime!  If you are learning, use it as a time to practice conversational phrases, like when ordering food in a restaurant. Or, make some flashcards to learn Spanish words or pronunciation. Here are some you'll likely see in recipes:

    • Fajitas (fuh-heet-uhs)
    • Guacamole (gwahk-a-mole-ee)
    • Jalapeño (holl-uh-pehn-yo)
    • Picante (pee-con-tay)
    • Pico de Gallo (peek-oh duh-guy-oh)
    • Quesadillas (cay-suh-dee-yuhs)
    • Tortillas (tor-tee-yas)


  • Look for Cinco de Mayo celebrations where you live; most will take place the weekend prior to May 5. What better way to enjoy all the food, music, dancing, costumes and maybe, the fireworks, of this festive day.

  • Color this special dinner time red, white and green, the colors in Mexico's flag! Have kids craft placemats or table runners using those colors and patterns seen in rugs or ponchos you'll find in books from the library or online.

  • See Shop Online [below] for more crafts, games, dishes and decorations to make these nights even better!

  • Bring on the mariachi music or other music with a Latin sound. GRAMMY® Awards are given in several Latin music categories. Check to find music that may be new to you.

Helping Hands in the Kitchen

  • Taco nights make perfect times for kids to learn and practice cooking and baking. Here are tips from our How-To's.

  • Our "more choices" are given so you have plenty of ways to add popular Latin flavors to meals week after week. Give them a try and see why these flavors are so appealing!

  • Some moms say little hands have an easier time eating quesadillas than tacos.  Others give taco salads high marks for their all-in-one-bowl speed and convenience!


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