Top 10 Tips for DIY Showers

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Top 10 Tips for DIY Showers

Mary Heaston

Scratching your head over how to create a fun and memorable bridal shower or baby shower?

Then meet your personal party planner...Mandy Heaston of Gourmet Mom On the Go. She loves to entertain and has oodles of clever ideas.

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Lock Down a Theme

1. Lock down a theme.

Hosting a shower is all about wrapping it in a theme! It doesn't have to be overwhelming. Just pick one early on...it can be as simple as a color.

Here's an example: "Lemon Shower" theme

  • Center it around a white, yellow and green color palette.
  • Tie it into your centerpieces, such as glass bowls with floating lemon and lime slices, and fresh daisies.
  • Create a lemon-inspired menu: lemon bars, chicken skewers in a citrus marinade, lemonade served in pint canning jars (very cute!) and lemon cupcakes.
Curried Chicken Salad

2. Rely on make-ahead foods.

Don't make all the food the same day. You want to have fun, too! Find recipes that you can make or prep ahead of time. One of my favorites...Curried Chicken Salad is perfect because it tastes better the next day!

Add Surprises-Soup Shots!

3. Add surprises.

Here's one...serve foods in shot glasses or votive holders for instant whimsy and fancy! I serve Tomato Basil Soup in shot glasses and place triangles of cheese bread across the top, skewered by decorative bamboo toothpicks.

Bring On the Masseuse

4. Scrap the games, bring on the masseuse!

Instead of spending a lot of time and money planning party games (does anyone like to play them anyway?), hire a manicurist to paint nails or a professional masseuse to give 10-minute chair massages. Your guests will love it!

Cookie cutters

5. Get out the cookie cutters.

They're not just for cookies! Find ones that match your shower theme and cut out shaped sandwiches (easy and cute!), make cutout brownies or tie a few together and attach your favorite sugar cookie and icing recipe for quick party favors. Watch video for more ideas.

Custom-made garnish

6. Add a personal touch.

One of my favorites is making custom-made garnishes by drawing with melted chocolate on wax paper. You can dress up a simple brownie mix by adding a gorgeous garnish.

Share Cooking

7. Share cooking duties.

Don't be afraid to ask everyone invited (except the guest, of course) to bring an appetizer, main dish or dessert. Most people love sharing a signature dish. Remind them to bring copies of their recipes for a fun recipe swap!

Cookie party favors

8. Edible party favors.

Let guests make their own edible party favors! Have large, baked sugar cookies on a table with assorted sprinkles and icing that match your theme. Let guests decorate some to eat and provide decorative boxes to take some home.

Something special

9. Go all out for the guest of honor.

Find out something special about the person you're throwing the shower for. Talk to her husband, mother, sister or brother. What's her favorite meal? Serve it! Does she crave a special dessert? Ask someone to bring it! A favorite color? Decorate with it! She'll see how much you care.

Everyone cooks

10. Friends who cook together...

...stay together! Try this fun idea if you have a smaller, manageable group:

  • Provide a fabulous recipe and the ingredients to put together a freezer meal.
  • Everyone can take one home as a "party favor" (they'll have dinner for that night!). Plus, make 3 or 4 extra for the bride or mom-to-be to stock her freezer.
  • Make extras, bake them and take to a local women's shelter. Just let them know in advance.


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