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Teens Community Project and Slumberless Slumber Party

Teens perform a community service project before their slumberless night of fun begins!


Keep the teens busy having fun! There's a volunteer opportunity to help others (while learning and feeling good about themselves), a wacky scavenger hunt and lots of good food all bundled up into one awesome slumber party!

Community Service Project

Begin the party in the afternoon with the teens doing a community service project. Here are a few ideas:

  • Stock shelves at a local food shelf.

  • Play games and chat with nursing home residents.

  • Help out at a charity where meals are served.

  • Hold a bake sale to raise money for child hunger prevention. Go to greatamericanbakesale.org for information and ideas.

Wacky Scavenger Hunt

  • After dinner, teens can go on a wacky scavenger hunt in the neighborhood! Have the teens break up into teams of two. Depending on the age of your group, you may want to have adult escorts join the teams. Give each team the same list of items to collect from neighbors, perhaps things such as a button, a store receipt or a pen cap. Allow only one item from each house. Give them a time limit, requiring them to return at an appointed time.

  • For an added twist, supply each team with a disposable camera. Have some of the items on the list be photos of the team members (for example, posed standing near a particular mailbox or monument or wearing silly a hat they have scavenged from a neighbor). You can have the pictures developed at a one-hour photo shop when the hunters return, and let the party goers keep them as fun reminders of the party!

Video Time

  • Pick up some age-appropriate videos from your local video rental store or library for the teens to watch while relaxing after their exciting events.

Help-Yourself Breakfast

  • For an easy breakfast for the sleepy-eyed group, set out individual-serving-size boxes of cereals, containers of Yoplait ® yogurt, a platter of cut-up fresh fruit and a pitcher of orange juice. As they slowly awaken, they can help themselves to breakfast before gathering their things to take home.


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