Oktoberfest Inspired Dinner Party

Invite friends for dinner and cards or a games night. Foods inspired by Bavaria's specialties—Weiner schnitzel, warm potato dishes, Black Forest cherry desserts—make good eating as the weather changes to fall. Issue those invites; have an oompah good time!


Oktoberfest Food & Lore

  • Oktoberfest is a centuries-old German celebration. Originally lasting 16 days, it celebrated a royal marriage in Munich in the year 1810. Although times have changed, the celebration continues with great food, music and boisterous activity. So don those lederhosen, lift a stein and let the good times roll! German specialties fill our dinner party menu. Looking for a more casual get-together? Give some of these recipes a look:

  • Many microbreweries and regional brewers offer Oktoberfest beers each fall. If beer is part of what you enjoy drinking, look for some to share. Or look for specialty mixed drinks containing cider, apple schnapps, liqueur or brandy.

  • Make it easy on yourself with this Hot German Potato Salad, which has Slow Cooker Directions.

  • See all our German-inspired recipes.


  • Word fun: Prepare a list of German words with the aid of a German dictionary. Guests then guess what the words mean. Assign points for having the correct answer or being able to bluff others that an answer is correct.

  • If your group knows the language, make it a "no English" event, and punish slip-ups with a silly penalty.

  • Or just enjoy the German-inspired food and an evening of your group’s favorite card, board or trivia game.


  • Place German flags in vases; place miniature flags on appetizer trays.

  • Decorate walls with German posters picked up at travel agencies.

  • Pull out a German beer stein collection or other collectibles to use as table decor.


Squirt 'em with mustard or extra cheese, or eat these easy-to-make treats plain!
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Prize-Winning Recipe 2008! Sugar cookie mix makes the base of a creamy cheesecake bar with a baked-in cherry filling.
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