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Movie Star Slumber Party

July 18, 2011

Stage a glamorous movie star sleepover party for your school-aged starlet. The evening begins with pre-movie primping followed by a fashion show on the red carpet. After a break for a pizza dinner, welcome your film fans into the home theater for a screening of your daughter’s favorite movie. Then it’s into pjs and sleeping bags for the slumber portion of the slumber party (fingers crossed!).

Movie Star Slumber Party

Roll Out the Red Carpet

The fun begins with manicures for each girl at your in-home spa. (This works best if you have a few “manicurists” on hand—try to enlist a couple of friends to help.) Buy a few different shades of nail polish at the dollar store and let each girl select her signature color.

Once everyone’s nails have dried, it’s time for the pre-movie fashion show! Pass out hats, boas, scarves, and sunglasses and have each guest take turns walking the red carpet (use a few yards of red felt from the fabric store) while the “paparazzi” take pictures. After the party print out a photo for each girl and include it with your thank-you cards.

All that strutting is going to work up an appetite, so move the party into the dining room for dinner. And what better (or easier) slumber party food is there than pizza? Individual French bread pizzas are a lot of fun and allow each kid to customize their toppings. For a special treat, serve Shirley Temples (topped with a maraschino cherry, of course) on a bright platter.

Other Menu Ideas

Garden Vegetable Platter

Quick Cranberry Punch           

Lemon Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting


Show your daughter’s favorite movie on a large-screen television or a pull-down movie screen, if you have one. Make sure to choose an age-appropriate film—it’s better to go funny than scary. While the movie is running, set up a “concession stand” and put out glasses of milk along with bags of popcorn and star-shaped cookies for the girls to nibble on while they watch.

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The After-Party (a.k.a. Breakfast)

After an exciting night, you’ll want to keep things simple for the post-party breakfast. Fortunately, that’s easy—just set out a basket of muffins and bagels along with fresh fruit, cream cheese, butter, milk, and juice and let the girls help themselves before pick-up.

More Menu Ideas

Love banana bread? Whip up muffins with an extra bonus of chocolate chips.
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