Movie Awards Night Party

So maybe your invite to the biggest movie awards night of the year got lost in the mail. Who wants to squeeze into a strapless designer gown anyway? Bring a taste of Hollywood to your ’hood with these fun and easy party ideas—no fancy updos, airbrush makeup or constrictive undergarments required!

Movie Buffs

Party Necessities

  • Red carpet
  • Pens and ballots for voting
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Champagne flutes
  • Camera
  • Pillows
  • Prizes for awards competition



What could be more LA than your own personalized Hollywood star? Find a star stencil online (or if you’re naturally talented, draw your own), then trace and cut out star shapes on pink paper. Mount each one on a square piece of gray or black cardstock. Use a gold paint pen to personalize each star with a guest’s name, adding the logistical info on the back. Voilà!


Ask guests to dress for the red carpet or masquerade as characters from iconic Hollywood movies. Dust off that little black dress, a string of pearls and a tiara—instant Audrey Hepburn!


Even if your guests are showing up in jeans and a T-shirt, nothing sets the tone quite like a bona fide red carpet entrance. If you can’t score one at your local party store, make your own with a few yards of red fabric. Ask your loudest pal (you know the one) to break out his or her camera and go all paparazzi on partygoers as they arrive.

Movie Seating

Everyone wants the best seat in the house. Create extra seating by throwing blankets and plush pillows on the floor. You could even create a few makeshift tables on the floor for extra table space (a tray across two large tomato cans works great!)


Break Out the Bubbly

Few things can kick off a party like a glass of bubbly. Greet your guests with a flute of Champagne (and little goodie bags with candy for the kids).

Snack Away

Although “flights” usually refer to wine samples, channel that idea into a family-friendly snack tasting. Whip up five or six different snack mixes and give guests individual cups to create their own munchie flights. They might work their way from savory Original Chex Party Mix to spicy Nacho Popcorn, wrapping up with something on the sweet side. Plus, this keeps people from digging their grubby hands into communal bowls.

Cast Your Vote

What’s an awards party without a little friendly competition? Print out the list of nominees (you can find ballots online) and ask guests to select their picks prior to the show. Provide a fun prize for the person with the most right answers: movie passes, a variety of popcorn and candy, or a fake Oscars statue.

The Menu:

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