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Girls' Night In: Taste of the Tropics

Weather prediction: warm and sunny ahead. That's what happens when girlfriends gather to bring in the spring season with swapping, pampering or book reading fun together. Tasty tropical eats will send you to exotic climates even if you still need a coat when you go home!


Five Tips for a Clothes or Accessory Swap

  1. Know the participants. If you wear similar sizes swapping clothes can give you new outfits at no cost. If not, do a swap with costume jewelry, belts, purses and scarves that have no size.

  2. Ten to 15 people is a good number. Spring and fall are good times for this event as it's closet cleaning time and you'l be inspired by fashion week style news.

  3. Set a minimum number of items each person contributes. Clothes should, of course, be clean, pressed and on hangers!

  4. Make it fair. Draw for who goes first or give everyone a set number of claim tickets. When initial 'shopping' is finished, it's time for unlimited picks with items not chosen donated to a good cause.

  5. Designate a 'dressing room' space with full-length mirrors available. Share the smiles and laughter.

Five Tips for a Mini Spa Day or Night

  1. Check for home spa party services in your town, or barter or swap for services with professionals. Offer friends options that aren't too time consuming or costly for all to enjoy! Makeup, hairstyling, manicures or chair massage can take shorter time.

  2. Or look into a spray tanning party before that first swimsuit weekend or another big event when winter white just won't do.

  3. Go shopping for swimsuits or sandals with friends. Book salon time together for pedicures and newly painted toes. Finish the day with our easy meal at your house.

  4. Get inspired by attending lecture on a 'renewing' or 'reorganizing' topic, whatever will make you feel like a new person! Discuss what you hear over our easy meal.

  5. Exercise, meditate, do yoga or tai chi together.

Five Tips to Jumpstart a Book Group

  1. Pick a book that fits your tropics theme. Three we like are Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones, Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

  2. Read the book! Share a favorite passage that really impressed you.

  3. Reserve judgment on whether you liked it or not until the end of the discussion. Value other opinions. They may change what you think or feel!

  4. Come with a question or two that will be a conversation starter.

  5. Designate a leader for the discussion. Let the leader facilitate the discussion.


Make 10-minute margaritas with a mango kick.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonempty spoon (37 ratings)     Member Reviews (2)
Iced tea becomes a tropical orange treat when it's mixed with fruity flavor.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonempty spoon (15 ratings)     Member Reviews (4)
Betty Crocker's Heart Healthy Cookbook shares a recipe! Dip into gingery fresh fruit with sweet and spicy tortilla chips.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoon (4 ratings)     Member Reviews (0)
Make a tropical munchie mix with whole-grain cereal, fruit mix, coconut, nuts and ginger.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonempty spoon (2 ratings)     Member Reviews (0)
Betty Crocker's Diabetes Cookbook shares a recipe! Good-bye boring chicken. Welcome the tropics with a low-fat chicken salad.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonhalf spoon (29 ratings)     Member Reviews (10)
Enjoy this classic quick bread with a tropical, nutty twist!
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonempty spoon (31 ratings)     Member Reviews (9)
Slices of tender white cake feature pretty flecks of fresh mint. The rum glaze and whipped cream garnish are great!
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonempty spoon (149 ratings)     Member Reviews (16)
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