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Cheers to Your Health Dinner

An elegant dinner that lets you stick to your resolutions! This special dinner party revolves around the common New Year’s resolution to eat more healthfully. With its variety of colors, tastes and textures, it’s a feast for the eye as well as the palate! The distinctive decorations add to the tasty menu, making it a very special evening for all.


Make It Special!

  • Serve the Savory Spinach Dip in a hollowed-out red cabbage. Slice a thick slice (about 1 inch) off the top of the cabbage; cut out center, leaving at least a 1-inch wall. Place cabbage on platter, and fill with dip. Arrange colorful veggie pieces (such as red bell pepper strips, yellow squash slices and broccoli florets) around it. Or serve with low-fat or fat-free pretzels or tortilla chips. You can even drop these dry dippers into cupcake liners or coffee filters nestled among the veggies.

  • Make a glittering centerpiece by weaving a piece of white or sparkly tulle (available at fabric stores) with a string of tiny white lights down the center of the table or around the base of candlestick holders. Arrange cuttings of fresh ivy or other trailing houseplants or evergreens in the tulle. Or you can purchase silk plants at craft stores.

  • Write personalized messages on fabric ribbon with paint pens or press-on letters (available at fabric or craft stores). Motivational thoughts will help keep guests on track with their New Year's resolutions. Use the ribbons to wrap around each napkin (with or without a bow) as napkin rings.

  • Type a menu, using a script font, and print it out on elegant paper (available at copy centers or party supply stores). List the calories and grams of fat next to each menu item if you wish. Insert the menu in a picture frame to stand on your table. (For easy viewing, put one at each place setting or place a menu at each end of the table.) As guests are seated, they can read what they'll be served, heightening the anticipation of the fabulous meal to come!

  • Instead of plain water with dinner, serve glasses filled with ice, sparkling water and a spiral of lemon or lime peel or a thin slice of lemon or lime floating on top. It's calorie free and very refreshing!


This flavor-packed dip is perfect potluck fare. Surrounded by colorful veggies and crispy crackers, it’s almost as good to look at as it is to eat!
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Broil ground lamb with a flavorful blend of spices, and top it off with a cool mint sauce for a fast, elegant meal.
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It's amazing what a handful of spices can do. One meal of this flavor-packed chicken dish and you'll never again hear, "Are we having chicken AGAIN?"
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You won’t need much time to whip up this colorful, hearty, low-fat side dish.
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Fresh beets are first steamed and then glazed, for a flavor-rich, low-calorie veggie side dish.
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Impress your guests with these delicate chocolate meringues filled with icy-cold strawberry frozen yogurt and fresh strawberry sauce.
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