Star-Studded Family New Year's Eve Celebration

Many of us are choosing to stay home on New Year's Eve and celebrate as a family, rather than hire a baby-sitter, go out and then worry about others on the road. So check out this casual, fun evening for families to share - good food, activities and plenty of shared memories!


Sparkling Decorations

  • Make a starry centerpiece:

    • Cut stars from white construction paper for each member of your family. Ask each person to write a New Year's resolution in the center of the star and five special things they are most proud of for the past year near each point.

    • Glue straws or wooden sticks (available at craft stores) to the backs of the stars and decorate around the writing with colored glue and glitter. When dry, place them in a foam block and cover the block with colored shredded crepe paper (available near wrapping paper supplies) to use as a centerpiece.

  • Sponge-paint stars on bright blue or white napkins, using gold or silver paint, for your sparkling celebration.

Starry Night Food Fun

Starting New Traditions

  • Instead of eating at the dinner table, why not have your celebration meal at a coffee table? It's cozier and more intimate when everyone is seated on the floor (sit on pillows, if you wish!).

  • As you wait to ring in the new year, play 'Do You Remember When' about events that happened to family members during the past year. Start a memory book, listing the most memorable happenings of the past year. Each year, add new ones.

  • Make it a yearly tradition to spend New Year's Day filling up a photo album with photos and captions that capture the highlights from the past year.


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