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Top 10 Tips for Romantic Dinners

Christy Denny

Ready for date night? No reservation? No problem!

Blogger Christy Denney of The Girl Who Ate Everything (don’t you love the name?) shows you how to serve a romantic meal at home with these 10 easy tips for a special night together.

Watch Christy's Love Food video

Plan ahead

1. Plan ahead.

Choose or plan a menu ahead of time and keep it simple. Prepare as much as you can beforehand so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved one.

Get rid of the kids

2. Take a break from the kids.

Yes, we love them, but kids are so not romantic. Arrange for babysitting at a friend or family member’s house so that you can enjoy the night without worrying if the little ones are going to interrupt your dinner.

Dim the lights

3. Dim the lights.

Light candles not only on the table but around the room to create a romantic atmosphere and just the right mood. Mini white Christmas lights can also create a soft light when spread around the room.


4. Don't forget music!

Create a playlist or CD of songs that are sentimental to both of you and play it softly in the background.

Fondue for two

5. Fondue for two.

Fondue is a simple and interactive way of staying involved and connected during your meal. Try my Chocolate Turtle Fondue recipe. For our anniversary, we traditionally eat chocolate-covered strawberries and watch our wedding video. Now that's romance!

Set the table

6. Set the table.

Use an ironed tablecloth and your best dishes when setting your table. Spread some rose petals around the table and place a vase of fresh cut flowers in the center.

Eliminate distractions

7. Eliminate distractions.

Focus on each other. Turn off your phones and the computer.


8. Serve "love foods".

Honey, oysters, bananas, chocolate, almonds, avocado, figs, carrots, pineapple, strawberries, asparagus and vanilla are a few all-natural aphrodisiacs that will set the romantic mood.

Dress to impress

9. Dress to impress.

Even though you’re dining in at home, dressing nice will make the meal more special than if you are in a casual shirt and sweatpants.

Let it go

10. Let it go.

Don’t let a mishap in the kitchen ruin your whole night. Remember what your goal is here…to enjoy each other’s company.


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