Lesson: Measuring Up


Lesson: Measuring Up

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Teach kids the importance of accurate measurements with Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.

Angles, amounts, cups and spoons, they’re all a part of measuring up in the kitchen. Teach your child the tricks liquid measuring cups can play on the eye plus the trick to perfectly sized cupcakes. The very best part is measuring the success in the end – dig in!

Teachable Moments

Work with your child to set a goal for the number of Box Tops you’d like to collect. In doing so and writing it down you’ll be more likely to measure up and succeed!

Start by counting how many Box Tops you already have in cupboards and cabinets. Next, mark down roughly how often you buy these items in a month.

Big G Cereal: 5
Nature Valley Granola Bars: 2
Hefty Bag®s: 2
Hamburger Helper: 3
Pizza Rolls: 2
Green Giant® Vegetables: 3
Old El Paso Taco Shells: 2
Kleenix®: 2
Cottonelle® toilet paper: 4

Take the one month total times 9 (average number of months in a school year) to reach a total for the school year. In this example, the total is 225 – it adds up fast! Lastly, factor in help from friends, family and neighbors to reach a final number.

Teach your child how to accurately measure liquid ingredients with a quick experiment. Invite them to measure one cup of water pouring from above and using a liquid measuring cup. Ask them what they predict the results will be – more than, less than or exactly one cup. Then, examine the results from eye level to reveal the correct answer.

One of the tricks to making cupcakes is measuring out the right amount of batter in each baking cup. Let your child discover the right measurement using trial and error. Suggested filling levels: one-third full, half full, two-thirds full, three-fourths full.

Note: Place the three-fourths filled cupcake in the middle of the pan to prevent the batter from spilling over the edge. For an extra measure of safety, consider placing the muffin tin on a baking sheet.

Friendly Reminders

• Always start by clipping Box Tops

• Tie hair back

• Read recipe from beginning to end

• Save time by using a garbage bowl

• Always use oven mitts

Friendly Reminders
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