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Slow Cooker Main Dishes

Part of the magic of using a slow cooker is being able to make enough food to enjoy dinner a second time—without cooking twice!

slow cooker main dishes
Let your leftover meats inspire you to make sandwiches of greatness with these tips. 
  • Think outside the bread box. Try bagels, croissants, biscuits, dinner rolls or tortillas for great beginnings. 
  • Hot or cold? It doesn’t matter! If you want a hot, hearty sandwich, reheat your meat (and possibly sauce); otherwise for ease, just pile on cold leftovers.
  • Fresh is best. Adding items such as fresh vegetables, cheese slices or chopped nuts gives your leftovers a lift by adding texture and taste.
  • Go with the flow. There is no right or wrong in sandwich making. Use your own tastes and creativity to make your own “new” sandwich.
  • One more time. If you have lots of leftovers, freeze sandwich-size portions of meat in resealable freezer plastic bags or small containers. Future sandwiches can be made, individually, in minutes with the help of a microwave.