Easy Dough Gift Tags

  • Prep 15 min
  • Total 3 hr 15 min
  • Servings 25
Easy Dough Gift Tags


cup Original Bisquick™ mix
cup salt
teaspoon oil
teaspoon white vinegar
cup water
Rubber stamps
Ink pads
Ribbon or twine


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  • 1
    Heat oven to 200°F. Line cookie sheet with cooking parchment paper.
  • 2
    In large microwavable bowl, stir together Bisquick® mix, salt, oil, vinegar and water. Microwave on High 1 minute. Stir; microwave 1 minute longer. Cool until able to handle.
  • 3
    Knead dough 5 to 7 minutes or until smooth and pliable. On cookie sheet with rolling pin, roll out dough to 1/4-inch thickness.
  • 4
    Use small cookie cutters or sharp knife to cut out tag shapes. Use drinking straw to punch small hole at top of each tag. Stamp to decorate.
  • 5
    Bake 3 to 4 hours, turning once halfway through baking, until hard.
  • 6
    Insert ribbon though holes and tie. (Not intended to be eaten.)



Expert Tips

  • For colorful tags, mix 1 or 2 drops of food color into the dough before microwaving it.
  • For lasting protection and subtle shine, spray finished tags with clear coat epoxy. It can be purchased in hardware stores.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

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