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Beach Bonfire

Created January 10, 2017
Sunset, s’mores and sand between your toes—it’s hard to beat a beach bonfire. Gather a few friends or make it a full-on party, then add our picnic-style menu. No matter what the size of your crowd, our recipes and tips will keep the bash easy and breezy.

The food, like the dress code, should be far from fancy. Choose no-frills dishes that can be cooked over the fire, preferably on sticks or skewers, and sides that are easy to make ahead and transport in a cooler. S’mores are a must.

Prep Tip: Assemble all the kabobs and sides at home and bring them to the beach in coolers, ready to cook and serve. Pre-package individual servings of the snack mix in cellophane bags or takeout boxes from your local Chinese restaurant.

Cooking Tip: Think of the bonfire as your grill, but a more powerful one. You’ll want to take special care to cook everything evenly and slowly (i.e., don’t burn up your hot dogs and marshmallows in 90 seconds). Letting guests be in charge of their own roasting will take the pressure off of you!

Fire Control: Ideally, you’ll do all of your cooking over a wood fire. If you can’t find enough driftwood, charcoal briquettes will also do the trick. Afterward, make sure the fire has been doused with water so there aren’t any smoldering cinders left behind. 

The Extras:

  • Simplicity is key. Bring along some blankets or towels for everyone to sit on, as well as some music. Better yet: Bring a friend with a guitar.
  • For drinks, stick to easily transportable bottles or cans of soda and beer, wine with screw tops, and plastic glasses.
  • Don’t forget napkins and trash bags for cleaning everything up at the end.