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Taste Test: Totino’s Bold Rolls

Our editors see if Totino’s new jalapeño popper and buffalo chicken rolls are any match to everyone’s favorite pizza rolls.
Totino's Bold Pizza Rolls

Few can deny the guilty pleasure of classic Totino’s Pizza Rolls (pepperoni, thank you very much!), so we were a little skeptical about trying the new Bold flavors: jalapeño popper and buffalo chicken. We could only get our hands on the jalapeño popper flavor in advance of the early September nationwide release, and since we’re unabashedly big fans of spicy bar snacks, that was just fine by us. We opted to bake the rolls because we like them extra crispy, and it didn’t take long for the cream cheese to start bubbling and oozing out. Once they cooled, we took our first bites and were fully on board with the perfectly spicy, creamy, crunchy roll that’s sure to be a popular after-bar nosh or easy game-day app for a crowd.