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Taste Test: Suddenly Grain Salad

Created January 10, 2017
There’s a new twist on Suddenly Salad. See what our editor’s think of the new grain flavors.
taste test suddenly grain salad

The product: Suddenly Grain Salad, available in Harvest Grains, Southwest Grains and Tuscan Grains varieties. 

What we thought: Like their Suddenly Salad counterparts, new Suddenly Grain Salads are a breeze to make and ripe for customizing. We loved how the bags of grains make for easy boiling and draining (no sticking to the bottom of the pan or trying to get tiny quinoa out of the colander). And with more than 27 grams of grain blends like brown rice, wild rice and quinoa we feel good about serving them to friends and family. 

Good for: Easy weeknight side dishes. 

Also try: For a dinner-party quality presentation, add your own mix-ins like fresh vegetables and toasted nuts, then use as a bed on which to serve grilled protein such as chicken, pork or steak.