Pizza Party!

Created January 10, 2017
Whether you're planning ahead or in search of a last-minute dinner idea, make-your-own pizza night is about as fun and easy as it gets. Start with one fail-proof Bisquick dough recipe, add plenty of toppings, and ta-dah: you've got millions of options. MORE+ LESS-
Caprese Pizza with Crispy Pancetta

Family Style

  • A pizza party is the ideal family dinner night. All recipes are meant for customizing, so no matter which recipe you choose, picky kids can top their own or customize one half of a big pizza.
  • Put on a movie and consider letting everyone eat around the TV for a fun, cozy night in.

The Dough

Making your own pizza dough is easier than it sounds. Follow our Extra Easy Pizza Bisquick dough recipe and how-to video, and then top the crust to your heart's desire.

Baking Tips

  • For a light, tender crust, use very hot water and stir only 20 times. Stirring the dough too much will make the crust tough.
  • Move the oven rack to its lowest position when you bake Bisquick pizzas.
  • After you grease the pizza pan or cookie sheet, sprinkle it with cornmeal for added crust crispness.
  • Learn all about the cheeses in that "Italian cheese blend" or substitute another variety to save a trip to the store by consulting our Cheese Glossary chart.

Grill It!

Take the recipe outside and use the grill rather than the oven! Pizzas can be made directly on the grill or on top of a pizza stone set over the grill. Set up an outdoor assembly line with bowls and let everyone make individual mini pizzas. Tip: Using pre-made dough, ready-made crust, flatbread or naan, makes this a cinch.

Pizza Tools

Pizza stones
Pizza pans
Pizza peels
Pizza cutters