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Spooktacular Kids Halloween Party

Created January 10, 2017
Discover a great themed party for fall birthdays or for before or after (or as an alternative to) trick-or-treating! To really set the tone, request that the party-goers come dressed in their Halloween costumes. Depending on the age and comfort level of the kids attending, you can make the party scary if you like.

Giant Cobweb 

For a fun party project and game, give each kid a long piece of soft rope or string. Have them create a giant cobweb by tying the ends to furniture or doorknobs in one room or area, crisscrossing other's ropes. When it's finished, let the kids have fun pretending to be spiders, crawling under the web. For safety, be sure to have adult supervision. You can award prizes to those spiders who can crawl under the web without touching it! 

"Illuminating" Party Favors 

Purchase a small flashlight (and batteries) for each party guest. Write the child's name on the flashlight with a colorful permanent marker (available at art supply stores), and decorate with seasonal stickers if you like. The kids can take home the flashlights as party favors and can use them for trick-or-treating (or just having fun!). 

Fun Dining 

When it's time to serve the meal, turn off the lights, and let the kids eat by the light of their flashlights. They can make silly and scary faces by shining the lights up from under their chins. 

Inside Trick-or-Treating 

Keeping the trick-or-treating inside the house is great for bad weather or just keeping better tabs on kids! Enlist teens, grandparents, friends or neighbors to don costumes and help distribute candy, stickers, fun kid bandages or other small trinkets. Each helper can stand behind a closed door or at a station around the house (use only the areas in your home where you want the party guests to go!). Have the kids trick-or-treat at each door or station, using small bags for their loot.