Mummys Night Out Cocktail

By Bree Hester
Created January 10, 2017
Who says kids are the only ones allowed to have some Halloween fun? Invite over a couple of your friends and whip up this fun holiday cocktail! MORE+ LESS-

You have spent months agonizing over the perfect Halloween costume for your three-year-old. Countless hours have been put in sewing pink sequins and bows on your princess’s tutu. You have tired your fingers tying treat bags for 50 of your little trick-or-treaters goblin friends. Isn’t it time that you grabbed a group of girlfriends for your own Halloween celebration? I think it is. 

Mummy’s Night Out has all of the makings of a perfect moms’ night out. Festive colors, a cool glass to drink it out of (who doesn’t like drinking out of a martini glass?) and just the right amount of sparkle. Did I mention that it goes down easily too? Creamy with a kick, this Halloween cocktail is sure to get your party started. 

Start out by prepping your glasses. Set out two small plates. In one, pour a little orange liqueur and in the other, pour purple sanding sugar.

mummys-night-out lpo

Dip the rim of the glass into the orange liqueur and then into the sanding sugar. Set aside.

mummys-night-out_1 lpo

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, orange liqueur, Irish cream and a few drops of orange food coloring.


Put the cap on the shaker and shake away. You want this drink to be icy cold. Strain immediately into prepared martini glasses and enjoy!