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How to Host a Cookie Exchange

Discover an easy, fun way for you, friends and family to get an assortment of fresh, homemade cookies for the holidays while only baking one kind. MORE+ LESS-

Decide on a number of guests

The more guests at the party, the more cookies to exchange—and the more space required. The general rule of thumb is to ask each guest to bring one dozen cookies per attendee, plus another dozen to share at the swap. So if a party has 10 guests, each person should bring 11 dozen cookies.

Send out invites early

Holiday schedules fill up quickly. By sending out an invitation early you'll have time to adjust the guest list based on responses. Ask guests to RSVP with the kind of cookie they're bringing to avoid duplicates.

Remember the recipes

Along with their cookies, ask each guest to bring copies of their recipe to share. Inexpensive 4x6 photo albums work well for organize recipe cards, plus they make great parting gifts.

Wrap it up

Provide guests with containers for packaging their cookies. Here are a few of our favorite ideas: 

  • Take lessons from takeout, think pizza boxes and Chinese cartons.
  • Raid the dollar store for tins and trays on the cheap.
  • Make cake stands by gluing together mismatched candlesticks and saucers.

Make it special

Turn your gathering into a party with music and food. Think light, festive and fun!