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3 Must-Try Savory Additions for Helper

Created January 10, 2017
Take your Helper up a notch with savory additions that create crowd-pleasing meals on the double.

Mid-winter meal meltdowns will be a thing of the past when you turn to Hamburger and Chicken Helper for quick dinners on the double. By adding easy ingredients like lettuce, bacon or sour cream, we transformed three different Helper varieties into satisfying meals the whole family will love.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Helper


One of our favorite take-out meals just happens to be Sweet and Sour Chicken. By starting with a box of Sweet and Sour Chicken Helper and adding a handful each of sugar snap peas and water chestnuts, we recreated our restaurant fave with ease. This dish is full of that sweet-and-tangy flavor your family flips for!

Cheesy Ranch Burger Helper


For a burger-inspired dish that’s sure to please, start with a box of Cheesy Ranch Burger Helper. Then add ¼ cup each of shredded lettuce and tomatoes. Next, we crumbled about ½ cup of crispy, oven-baked bacon on top to round out this mouthwatering dish.

Whole Grain Stroganoff Helper


Cold nights call for hearty pasta classics; luckily a box of Whole Grain Stroganoff Helper delivers traditional taste in a fraction of the time. We added a dollop of sour cream and some French-fried onions to add equal parts of creamy goodness and crunchy fun.