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3 Lunchbox Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

Created January 10, 2017
Break out of the sandwich rut with quick-fix lunches your littles will love.

Are your kids getting bored of the same-old sandwiches for lunch? As a busy lunch-packing momma, I know how easy it can be to fall into a rut. There are only so many times you can rotate through PB & J and trusty ham and cheese sandwiches, am I right? To get us thinking outside the bread box, here are a couple non-sandwich ideas to try this week. 

Let's start with this “make your own pizza” box. For this lunch, start with a thin sandwich flatbread, and then add your kid's favorite pizza toppers. Here I packed pizza sauce, shredded cheese and some pepperoni slices. At lunchtime, they’ll have a blast building and devouring their own pizza creation. Don't forget to include a spoon for spreading the sauce, and a mini LÄRABAR for dessert!


Next up is my personal favorite, the bistro box. This box is full of protein-packed foods to keep tummies full until after school. (I've also been known to pack myself one of these lunch boxes for work!) All you need to make this delicious lunch is a hard-boiled egg, trail mix, cheese and some crunchy Food Should Taste Good Pita Puffs.


How excited would your son or daughter be to find a soft-baked pretzel in their lunchbox? To make this a well-rounded meal, I made sure to also add in some fresh fruit, a small side salad and a tube of Yoplait Go-GURT.


Have you packed any non-sandwich lunch ideas your kids love? If so, share your ideas in the comment section below. I’d love to hear what you’re making!