How to Make Crab Legs

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
With these tips and hints, it’s a breeze to enjoy crab legs at home. MORE+ LESS-

I love all types of seafood. And crab legs are no exception. I could eat my weight in them and consider myself to be a professional crab cracker. I’ve been known to go through my fair share of crab legs—and other people’s if they’re not quick enough! Growing up near the coast, my family always had access to great seafood, so preparing it is second nature to me. I understand that crab legs can be intimidating if you’re in a landlocked area. But I’m going to show you step by step just how easy they are to enjoy at home.

Crab Legs 018

If you have a pot and can boil water, you can make crab legs! It’s as simple as that. Most crab legs at the market are pre-cooked, so you’re basically just re-heating them.

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I like to add seafood seasoning to my water—it adds a nice punch of flavor to the delicately flavored crab meat.

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Melted butter is, of course, optional but why not indulge?

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