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Banana Bread Recipe: Moist, Perfect Loaves in 8 Fantastic Flavors

By Brooke Lark
Created January 10, 2017
Banana bread is a classic, but its flavor profile doesn't have to be one dimensional. Here’s how you can turn a few simple ingredients into a moist, flavorful banana loaf in no time at all!

Whenever I want to bake, I pull out the flour.  I grab the sugar.  I crack eggs.  And I make a mess.  So many ingredients, lots of coordination. 

It doesn’t surprise me when I hear people say they don’t enjoy baking.  It can be a messy, time-consuming endeavor. Still, nine out of ten people who tell you they like to bake will also say they adore banana bread.  Of all baked treats, simple brown loaves of banana bread seem to reign as king.

So, I’ve made the process simpler and less messy by taking a basic banana bread recipe and giving it a 4-ingredient fix. By using Betty Crocker cake mixes, baking banana bread suddenly becomes quick, simple and a lot easier to clean up.


Even better, using cake mix in your batter lends some serious spice.

Swap Betty Crocker Spice Cake mix with a box of Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix, and now you've got a decadent loaf of Double Chocolate Banana Bread.


But the fun doesn’t stop there! With more than 10 varieties of Betty Crocker cake mixes available, the possibilities for incredible banana bread flavors are endless. From Strawberry Banana Bread to Tropical White Chocolate and Coconut Banana Bread, I’ve put together eight of my all-time favorite flavor combinations that are sure to make you smile.

mess involved. Just tons of taste!